Infinity Industrial Glue Sticks

We’ve got the perfect glue stick for every industrial hot melt application

Infinity Melt Industrial Glue Sticks

Don’t let the word ‘consumer’ fool you. These glue sticks are formulated to meet the needs of industrial applications but sold in sizes and quantities to meet consumer needs. We have specially formulated a small group of glue sticks that will meet a huge range of application needs. Don’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of formulations when a glue stick from the Infinity Melt line can tackle any project big or small.

Infinity Melt industrial glue stick collection

The Infinity Melt industrial glue stick collection offers extensive formulation options to meet the very specific demands of any application. From paper to plastics, Infinity Melt has a solution to your hot melt project.

Infinity Supertac 11 Glue Sticks

SuperTAC 11 is a unique hot melt formulation created to bond difficult substrates and can often replace expensive polyamide formulas. This glue stick offers great heat resistance and tremendous bond strength. 

Infinity SuperTAC 44 Glue Sticks

SuperTAC 44 is a medium to slow setting glue stick that gives a strong bond to a wide range of surfaces like wood, fabric, metal and some plastics. Often used in product assembly and woodworking applications. 

Infinity SuperTAC 55 glue sticks

SuperTAC 55 is a high performance, general purpose glue stick that offers a strong bond to a wide range of substrates even under tough conditions. This glue stick is an Infinity go-to. 

Infinity SuperTAC 88 Glue Sticks

SuperTAC 88 is a strong, versatile glue stick used for bonding rigid substrates like metal, glass and plastics. This formula dries clear and offers a strong, flexible bond to a wide range of non-porous materials. 


SuperTAC 99 is an acrylic glue stick used to bond difficult substrates and hold up under extreme conditions. Often used in hardwood floor installs and construction applications, 99 is a great one. 

Infinity SuperTAC 500 glue sticks

SuperTAC 500 is formulated to bond plastic. This glue stick is clear and great for use with PP, PE, PET, PVC and most other plastics. High viscosity and medium open time make the 5oo a plastic powerhouse.

Infinity EconoPACK glue sticks

EconoPACK is a budget friendly glue stick perfect for basic packaging applications. Best for non-coated surfaces, econoPACK is economical and offers an excellent performance at a great value. 

Infinity InfinityPACK glue sticks

InfinityPACK is a fast setting, premium glue stick perfect for standard corrugated and cardboard packaging applications. Great hot tack and strong bond make this the industry go-to packaging glue stick. 

Infinity FreezerPACK glue sticks

FreezerPACK is a truly unique glue stick created specifically for packaging jobs that will be refrigerated or frozen. Excellent cold resistance, flexibility and strength even with coated cardboard substrates.

Infinity Templator Glue Sticks

Templator is a frosty white hot melt that dries clear. Popular among countertop companies for templating, this glue stick offers a long open time and high viscosity. Templator is an industry favorite. 

Infinity Woodtac Glue Sticks

WoodTAC is a premium woodworking glue stick with a strong bond to wood and a range of other substrates. For both do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike, WoodTAC outperforms the rest.

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