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Infinity Melt Consumer Glue Sticks

Don’t let the word ‘consumer’ fool you. These glue sticks are formulated to meet the needs of industrial applications but sold in sizes and quantities to meet consumer needs. We have specially formulated a small group of glue sticks that will meet a huge range of application needs. Don’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of formulations when a glue stick from the Infinity Melt line can tackle any project big or small.

Infinity Melt consumer glue stick line

The Infinity Melt consumer glue stick line has a solution to nearly every hot melt need. The consumer line from Infinity is a major step up from your average craft store glue sticks offering stronger bonds and more variety to cater to any application.

Little Joe craft glue sticks

Little Joe glue sticks are the only size we offer in 5/16″. Little Joe was formulated to be crystal clear with a strong bond to a wide range of substrates making them the perfect ‘mini’ glue stick for most crafting applications. Fits all round 5/16″ craft glue guns on the market. 


Average Joe glue sticks are the Mini Joe formulation but available in 1/2″, 5/8″ and other sizes upon request. Crystal clear and able to fit all standard glue guns, Average Joe glue sticks are strongest and most versatile clear glue stick on the market today.

Mighty Joe glue sticks from Infinity Bond

Mighty Joe glue sticks are an industrial formulation with a focus on bond strength. These premium glue sticks dry nearly clear and will hold up under difficult conditions making them, well…Mighty. Not as clear as Average Joe but stronger and will bond more surfaces.

Tough Guy glue sticks by Infinity Bond

Tried every other glue stick and nothing works? You haven’t tried Tough Guy. This unique adhesive bonds to a huge range of surfaces, offers excellent temp resistance and is, well…Tough. We recommend a high temp glue gun over 150 Watts for the best possible results.

Awesome Acrylic glue sticks by Infinity

Awesome Acrylic glue sticks are a flexible, nearly clear formulation perfect for bonding difficult substrates. Acrylic glue sticks are unique because they stretch before breaking or cracking, unlike cheap wax filled craft store sticks, and will hold up under a wide range of temperatures.

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