Bulk Hot Melt

Bulk hot melt adhesive for packaging, product assembly and everything in-between.

E Series Bulk Hot Melt

The Infinity E Series incorporates the go-to products for packaging and light product assembly. Primarily EVA based hot melt and light blends, the Infinity E Series offers exceptional quality at industry leading prices.

M Series Bulk Hot Melt

The Infinity Melt ‘M’ Series bulk hot melt products are Metallocene based adhesives. The M Series offers great machinability, low odor and excellent heat stability in the pot. This line of Infinity bulk hot melts are used in packaging, product assembly, filter applications and more.

F Series Bulk Hot Melt

The Infinity Melt ‘F’ Series bulk hot melts are fugitive and pressure sensitive hot melt products. Used in a huge range of industries and applications, pressure sensitive hot melt is excellent for product assembly, mailers and many other specialty applications.

APAO Series Bulk Hot Melt

The Infinity Melt APAO Series bulk hot melt products are formulated to be low cost, high performance adhesives to meet specialty bonding applications. Often used as replacements for polyamide, APAO bulk hot melt offers cost savings, long open time and high heat resistance.

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